Warren Buffett Washington Post Investment

The Washington post is seen as a very liberal news outlet in the country. It is well known by people in America even if they didn’t grow up in a urban environment. People take them seriously because there is something that gives them credibility. There is something so special about seeing politicians move everyday. There are so many rules that people have abide by as well as the national security. The White house, which is where the president lives is in the middle of Washington DC. It’s a very special place that will give you different reactions depending on who you talk to.

Having a balance in politics is something that is very important for free speech. Some might make the argument that there is a lot of liberal outlets already out there. They may argue that they are getting a bad experience when read something written by someone who doesn’t have open thoughts. This in large part is something to think about when reading these posts. The only real counter to this is some parts of fox news and some other independent news outlets. But at the same time, that doesn’t provide enough parity for readers to make their own decision.

It seems like in this day and age young people love being told what to do. They will often believe an article or a post even if there aren’t trustworthy sources. When Donald Trump got elected, there were tons of people accusing him of conspiring with Russians. But very few of these posts stated if they were Russian officials or how they know that he did this. The worst part is that some of these sources are anonymous. It’s a great thing that Warren Buffet is investing in this system. There is always a belief in fairness when it comes to him.

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