Warren Buffett Warning 2017

Mr. Warren Buffett talks about the economy on the United States Healthcare Act. This is Warren Buffett Warning 2017. The public thinks it is the taxes that is making the U.S. broke, but it is the Healthcare Act. The United States corporate tax is 35% nationwide. Taxes is the highest it has every been. Mr. Buffett says that America has a problem and it is needs to be address. Mr. Warren Buffett is concerned about the GDP, universal plan, and investments.

The United States GDP is 30% at the highest in the past 22 years. It went from 13.4% in 1995 to 17.1% today. In Germany there GDP is only 11.3%, Japan is 10.2%, and Britain healthcare GDP is 9.1%. The largest economy in China is about 5.5%. Mr. Warren Buffett wants to fix the Healthcare Act.

Charlie Manger’s wants a universal healthcare like the Medicaid and Medicare plan. This is a good idea and it could work for the people who can not afford the insurance. A universal healthcare plan is a great way to keep America out of debt and could boost up more of the economy money.

Mr. Buffett is a large investor who has big investments ideas. Which he can double or triple the amount the best way. His first defense is to not lose any money. He has gave America a warning last week. The 2017 Warning is a “Real Threat” to be worth more than $2 trillion in the United States.

Mr. Buffett has warning the United States about the taxes and Healthcare Act, and how it making American pay more in taxes. The Healthcare Act is the problem and it needs to fix says Mr. Buffett. He has a plan to make America pay less on taxes and healthcare. He is concerned about the GDP in United States, a universal plan to insured all Americans, and investments to make the United States more debt free.

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