Warren Buffett Votes

Warren Buffett is his 87-year like Legacy I know easy things up and down but his Endeavors in politics or Warren Buffett has been sworn to the Democratic party since the genius investor provided funding, as well as fundraisers and of course, numerous donations, have been put behind Democrats over the years by Mr. Buffett he shows his support for the newest Democrat candidate Barack Obama by donating $30,000 to a charity Fund in Chicago which greatly benefitted the former president of the United States Barack Obama which greatly influenced the sway of the election in 2008 as Buffett tore down John Mccain’s views saying that social justice in his eyes varied for person to person and he doesn’t want an equal rights justice system.

As said in 2008 McCain would need a lobotomy on his views in order to gain any support of Warren Buffet and any of his subsidiaries. Human rights are a huge focus of the Buffett family the billionaire has accumulated enough money for ages and no longer is moving in such a way that he has to worry about money the business magnet, as well as all 3 of his children, are currently donating to a collection of causes such as AIDS, Africa as well as multiple charities in their hometown of Omaha, Nebeaska. The 2008 presidential election was not the first time Warren Buffet has majorly swayed the politics of America during his 50 + year career he has made contributions, donations as well as rallies to keep this great country on track and ensure everyone has good chances of being in the same situation that he has been able to get in since his years of high school the people of Omaha knew that Warren Buffet was going to go far in his career feild.

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