Warren Buffett Unleashes Basic Leadership Traits That Distinguishes Leaders.

The leadership of a renowned company remains the epicenter for the success of those companies. When great leaders retire, tensions builds on who to occupy their positions and whether the successors will precisely fit in their shoe proficiently. Nevertheless, smart leaders will exhibit vivid leadership qualities that can be used as a blueprint to vet in their successors. Such leaders include Warren Buffet who has left four key leadership qualities, love for the business, trustworthiness, energy and skill, as the pillars in which the appointment of the next CEO of the Berkshire subsidiary company will be anchored.

Background Information

Trustworthiness: Warren Buffet asserts that for a leader to be prosperous, he must gain total trust from his team. It is hence crucial for a leader to demonstrate consistent thinking and speak compassionately to the team. A leader must be identical in honoring commitments, exercising transparency and do all things with kindness.

Skill: convincing your team that you have the right understanding of what you are doing is the greatest achievement a leader can boast of. Vast skill in a leader will demand respect that will even bring team members with dissenting opinion into a unanimous reasoning. Warren Buffett proposes that besides technical skills, a leader must possess strategic thinking, cementing relationships and project management.

Energy: A leader is the focal point of any company; it is inevitable for leaders to be zealous and enthusiastic knowing when to rest workers to make them happy at work.

Love for the business: Buffett expects leaders to stretch beyond work, but have the company at heart and constantly thinking on how to steer up the company’s growth.
Though leadership is context based, there is a clear distinction between mediocre and prominent leaders based on skills they exhibit. Conclusively, Buffet is an enthusiastic business leader who upholds certain values to prosper in business.

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