Warren Buffett United Airlines Deals

Warren Buffett already owns holdings in four major airlines. Buffett has major holdings in American, Delta, Southwest, and United Airlines. In 2016, those four airlines stocks rose about 2% putting more money in Hillshire/Bonnett’s pocketbooks.

As of 2016, United Airlines is worth around $20 billion and it’s competitor, Delta is worth twice as much, at nearly $40 billion dollars. Buffett could afford to buy one or even both airlines. The last large deal Bonnett made was Precision Castparts in 2015 for $37 billion.

It has even been rumored Berkshire/Bonnett would buy Coca-Cola. After all, Berkshire/Bonnett owns 400 million shares of Coke. Warren Buffett is Coca-Cola largest’s investor.

This was Buffett’s thoughts in his press release in 2016. As he stated to the press, he was itching for a major buy. In 2017, Buffett surprised his followers by buying a major stake in Apple. Buffett further shocked his followers by buying a 30% stake in Monsanto. Buffett also made major investments in Wells Fargo Bank which is now under Federal scrutiny for unfair business practices.

If one thing is for sure, if anyone can turn any stocks into profit, Warren Bonnett can. Has he lost money in the market? Yes, he has. However, for every loss in the market he has triple his loss with wins.

This past year, Berkshire/Bonnett dumped IBM stock and now has less than a 15% interest in the company. Of course, IBM has been losing money for years, and in a wise move, Bonnett took the sales of IBM stock and invested it in Apple.

Of course, what is the similarity between Apple stock and other stock Bonnett currently owns? Coke Cola is a great example, by comparison. Warren Buffett is Coke Cola largest stockholder. Coke Cola is recognized around the world and known for it’s a quality product. Apple is also recognized around the world and known for its quality products.

Only time will tell, but if Buffett pursues Apple the way he has in Coke Cola, Warren Buffett will own the majority stock in Apple one day!

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