Warren Buffett Top Ten Rules Poster For Sale

Does anyone want to know how to be successful in the financial climate? Ask Warren Buffett. He is third in the world of the richest men. As a matter of fact, he had a poster for sale with his top 10 rules on it. Everyone should buy this. After all, this is what helped him to prosper.

Why are people buying these words of wisdom from Buffett? Could it be that the rules actually work? The first one is to reinvest your profits. Don’t be so quick to spend that money. You need to start a business. Secondly, it’s ok to be different. Don’t make decisions based on what other people do. Third, never suck your thumb. In other words, get up and be doing something. Don’t whimper and start thinking just cause something has gone wrong. Fourth, spell out the deal before it starts. You want to have the upper hand on a deal.

The fifth rule is to watch the small expenses. It’s always the little things that add up. Sixth always limit what you borrow. It is good to negotiate what you can pay. The seventh rule is to be persistent. Do not quit. You can find yourself getting ahead when you push harder. The eighth rule is know when to quit. If you make a mistake don’t repeat it. The nine rule is asses the risks. It is always good to investigate and see if what you are doing is worth it.

The final rule is number 10. You have to know what success really means. It can not be measured just by dollars. Why not measure it by how many people love you and how many people you want to love. This will put the other nine rules in perspective. You will then be very successful.

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