Warren Buffett Top Books to Read

Everybody knows who Warren Buffett is? Buffett is known to most of the world as a very rich man who knows how to make money. The majority of the world knows Buffett as someone who puts his money in the right places.

Most people do know that Warren Buffett is the CEO of Brookshire Hathaway, and has been for ages. Most people know he is the second wealthiest person in the world. What most people do not know that Warren Buffett in his first years in his investment career, would read up to a 1,000 pages a day.

So what are some of the books that have helped Warren Buffett be the rich investor he is today? One of the most popular books in Buffett’s reported is The Intelligent Investor, by Buffett’s mentor, Benjamin Graham. Buffett’s professor at Columbia Business School was Benjamin Graham and also worked for Graham after finishing his graduate business degree at Columbia Business College.

Warren second favorite book on investing was also written by Buffett mentor, Benjamin
Graham, and another investor, David L. Dodd. This book’s focus was if your analysis is complete enough, the true value of the company can be calculated, and the current market valve of the company will be correct.

Another one of Warren Buffett’s is his own, The Essays of Warren Buffett-Lessons for Corporate America. This book in written in typical Warren Buffett fashion. Buffett is right on target, with his no-nonsense approach to investing.

The Outsider, written by William Throndike, Jr. received praise from Bonnett in his 2012 shareholder letter. In Buffett’s 2012 shareholder letter, commented that “The Outsiders” is an outstanding book, referring to it as ” an outstanding book about CEOs who excelled at capital allocation”.

Will any of Warren Bonnett’s favorite books make you rich? One thing for sure, it will not make you any poorer, and definitely wiser.

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