Warren Buffett Too Big To Fail

Warren Buffett made a company over 50 years ago and it has gotten so big that many are saying there needs to be tighter regulation over it which is something that most would agree on. However, Warren Buffett says that he thinks things are going the way that they should have to be classified as anything but stable.

Berkshire is a company that was created over 50 years ago by Warren Buffett and is something that he takes pride in. This is why when he was asked about the way that the company was being worked and watched he rejected the idea of having to add more staff to the company or more oversight that the company had everything it needed to have just the way it was. This company is made to withstand the things it has had to go through.

Warren Buffett says his company is too big now to fail which is an understatement when it comes to the company that everybody is talking about. This company worked hard to get where it is at today and will continue to do so until the day that it runs out. There are other companies out there that are in finical trouble when it comes to the money that they make which is something that he was accused of this company being. Warren responded saying that he has worked with other companies out there that have been in this boat and his company is not even there.

However, there was talk about making the company have to make room for more staff which is something that was talked about already when there was this brought up. Warren says that he understands how the company might be at risk for the things that they are saying but he doesn’t think it will happen.

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