Warren Buffett: Times Change

The billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffett has currently had two sons out of wedlock with his wife of 50 years Susan he birthed 3 children having two boys Howard and Peter they have gone to pursue interest just like their father wow Peter chooses and more conserved role of media share of investing in the environment his brother Howard choose to be a music composer as well a critically acclaimed Arthur winning both an Emmy in the New York Times bestseller. Howard has chosen to become a sheriff as well as get involved in nature and Congress the whole family donates regularly to cause a such as AIDS and the situation in Africa the two brothers may have different agendas when it comes to working but their fathers teachings have went with them in their lives and they are both in the business of philanthropy they’re all about giving back they just give back differently with Peter giving back in his creative work and Howard giving the gift of community service the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with this story because the Buffett Brothers are continuing their father’s Legacy and adding to their family as both brothers have children as well. The legacy of the Buffett family keep going off for generations to Generations is Howard is Warren Buffett’s father’s name he passed down to his son and he to his son the family believes in traditions and values and will never stray from them. Warren Buffett’s children are still Paving the way for future generations to come as their father did previously the Omaha native has started somewhat of a legacy in the Omaha area and will keep going even after his career ends as his sons or just as courageous and smart as he was and still is.

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