Warren Buffett : The Snowball Affect

Warren Buffet is the third richest person in the world, he is admired by many people for his determination and discipline that have made him the man that he is today. Warren Buffet has been a target for many writers and journalist interested in writing a biography of his life, in the beginning, he refused to release a book. It wasn’t until 2003 that Buffet approached Alice Schroeder to write his biography.

Alice Schroeder also studied Business at the University of Texas at Austin and before she became the author of The Snowball, Warren Buffet and the Business of life she worked as an insurance analyst. After Warren’s Buffet proposal of writing his biography she left her work and dedicated full time to writing. She spent thousands of hours in research before being able to complete the book which by the way was a huge success once it was released in 2008.

Alice Schroeder made a millionaire contract when writing The Snowball, she clearly reached success with this book. The Snowball was the best selling book in the year 2008 for three consecutive months. Alice Schroeder now writes columns on Bloomberg News, before writing she already was a successful analyst at Berkshire Hathaway Inc, she won several awards for being an outstanding analyst which caught Warren’s Buffet interest.

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