Warren Buffett, the Role Model

A lot of people look to movie stars for their role models, but there are other people who are doing amazing things. Warren Buffett is one of those people. Between helping others through his work and helping charities, he is a man that many should look up to.

Who is He?
Warren Buffett is a businessman that has owned and worked with businesses and stocks for a number of years. He started doing stocks when he was only eleven and started his own business when he was just thirteen. His work ethic hasn’t stopped since. He has done the stock market as well as help others for as long as he has been alive, but many don’t know how he helps them until they look it up.

How he Helps
Warren Buffett has given 99% of his wealth to charities to help others. He also has challenged others to do the same. Many businessmen have answered his challenge and donated a large amount of their own money as well. He also has helped through the companies he has purchased. He helped get the IUD to market and to help others have access to this new and improved form of birth control.

Why He Does it
Warren Buffet helps others because it makes him a better person and he sees it as a way to give back for all of the things he gets on a daily basis. He has said that he doesn’t need the amount of money he has to live and wants to make sure that others have the same chances he had.

There are a lot of things that Warren Buffett has done to help others and in doing this he is helping himself. He is a great man that should be looked up to because of the amazing things he does for other people.

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