Warren Buffett the Oracle of Omaha

As a titan of the business world in investments, Warren Edward Buffett has become the poster child of the greatness of what investments can lead to. This 84 Million Dollar Man has seen his fair share of highs and lows in investments; but to Omaha, Nebraska he means much more. He represents a hope and he is referenced as the Oracle of Omaha for his community.

Being such a stand out in investments and philanthropy he has shown himself to be a true Omaha resident; by leaving his legacy and company Berkshire Hathaway in the place where it all started from. Living in a tranquil community since the 1960s he has felt that Omaha is the only home that he can truly say he feels is the best for him.

The CEO has had the same home since his purchase in the sixties and has made some of the best investment decisions and practices in his hometown of Omaha. With residences being so elated that he is a part of their community and city. Naming him the Oracle of Omaha because of all his great strides and accomplishments in his life.

Warren Buffett has made his city of Omaha, Nebraska very proud of him as a person and of his accomplishments. No matter how rich he has become he has never turned his back on his original birth city and has always given back to the community in many ways. Feeling a solidarity to his hometown that he plans to retire in.

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