Warren Buffett: The Best Investment I Ever Made

The wealthiest tycoon and the third wealthiest person in the globe have been so successful in most of the investment that he set out to do. During a time when he was being interviewed he made a remark that most of the people were left out surprised. He commented that when you want to make a good investment that cannot even be shaken by inflation or taxed is the best thing and justice that you can do for yourself.

The second point that he gave out during this interview is that it is essential and critical to invest in yourself because no a single person can take that. He added that most of the people have a high potential within themselves but are yet to realize it. Warren Buffett gave an example of the best investment that he ever made.

He continued to say that on his early adulthood he made an important decision when he decides to sign for about $100 in Dale Carnegie a course that mainly specializes with the public speaking as a career and Buffett said that this made his life take a different direction.

He said this because at the time he was a young child he could not have imagined that he would step on a podium and address people. According to Buffett, this is one of the critical challenges that took time for him to overcome it. He said that he learned this and out of it he was able to associate with the right people in life.

The courage he got out of this enabled him to propose a marrying agreement to his wife, Susan. Warren Buffett continued to add that the best thing and favorable you can be able to do during your investment period is the ability to communicate in a better way. When you do this, you can invest anywhere.

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