Warren Buffett Talks On Video

You will find that Warren Buffett videos are on his website and on his YouTube channel. In each video, Warren Buffett talks about how to start a business with little or no money. He started off with only $3, and as a result, he was able to start his candy business.

He made the purchase available to certain places, and if Warren Buffett had to he would walk to make sure those sales were complete for that day. Buffett only wanted to see if he could make $5 per day. That’s what his goal started off being until he had a friend talk him into making the goal $8. Since Buffett borrowed the $3 back in the 50s, that was a lot of money. But there was a friend that he had as a kid that trusted him a lot, therefore, Buffett was able to borrow that. Most people averaged $8 per week while working. If you allow a child to borrow $3, you believed in the dream yourself.

Warren Buffett continued working and ended up getting more money than what he expected. He did make the $8 per day with each piece of candy being only a penny. He took 3 trips to the store per week and sold his candy on the weekends. On most weeks, Buffett would make #30. The neighborhoods began to get jealous because of his success. Most people would not make $120 per month in their lifetime. But Buffett was truly a success from the start, and he was an exceptional child. He was already working to complete school early, and that was unheard of during that time.

Warren Buffett has a wonderful videos explaining all of the details of his childhood. He wanted to put this story out there to see if it motivates children to strive to be in business early. There are certain television shows that are airing in 2018 which shows children with the same inspiration as Warren Buffett had growing up, and as a man, Buffett feels that he will do much better with teaching children early to get them ready to advance in 2018 and 2019.

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