Warren Buffett Straight To The Top

Warren Buffet is truly a success story made in America. He grew up with a father that owned and operated a small investment firm. Warren got started by listening and following what the brokers were talking about. As a teen, he went on to take all kinds of odd jobs as any motivated teen should. these traits would show up throughout his life to his benefit.

When Warren Buffet graduated from high school. He was reluctant to go to college. When he finally decided to go at his father’s behest. He would go on to the University of Pennsylvania. from there he went to the University of Nebraska. He then graduated in three years. From there he went to Columbia Business School after being rejected by Harvard Business School.

At Columbia Business School Warren studied under two recognized Securities Analyst Benjamin Graham and David Dodd. Benjamin Graham was the one who taught him the fundamentals of value investing. Graham was also the one he credited with changing his life and putting him on the right path.

Warren wanted to work on Wall Street. But was convinced by Benjamin Graham to work as a stockbroker. He went on to open several partnerships. By the age of 31, Warren Buffet was a millionaire.

Warren went into high gear. Paid attention to the market and began to invest directly in businesses. Because he understood the business environment. He made some key investments such as buying controlling shares in Berkshire and Hathaway. catapulting Warren Buffet to the success you see today.

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