Warren Buffett Story of Success

When you think of Warren Buffett, you probably think about what great things he has done with his life. You may not see the other parts that he is doing, like giving some of his wealth to others as well as working hard for himself.

Starting Out
Warren Buffett was a child with a mission. He first started investing in the market when he was only eleven years old. By the time he was thirteen, he was filing taxes and making his own money. Ever since then, he has been working hard and changing the way business works for more than just himself.

Charity Work
He has pledged to give most of his wealth to charity when he dies and has already made a donation of fifty percent of his wealth to charities he respects. He also has challenged others to do the same. This has resulted in over fourteen others giving some of the wealth to charities that need it. He has made every effort to give to others as much as he can and works with others to get them to their highest potential. He also has invested in businesses that have gone from not doing as well as they could to doing great with just a little bit of tweaking.

Warren Buffett is a man that gives back as much as he gets. This is as much his success story as the money he has made and the business he has done. When you think of Warren Buffett, you should also think about the ways he has helped others and made a difference in the world himself. You should research the way he has worked and taken care of his businesses as well as the charities he has worked with.

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