Warren Buffett Stocks 2017

Mr. Warren Buffett has advice for the 2017 stock market crash so it will not crash again. Mr. Buffett advice is important because he is a great investor worldwide. He was a young 20 years old man who did first $9,800 investment. Mr. Buffett invested in stocks from 1965 to 2017 in the Berkshire’s market and now is a billionaire. He has invested in the Hedge Funds, Index Funds, and the S&P 500 Funds over time. The stock market crash in 2017 is an example of how many investors need great advice from Mr. Buffett.

Mr. Buffett has three great stocks to buy from: Bank of America, Apple, and Verisign. He has 679 million stocks in Bank of America, 134 million shares in Apple, and Verisign with over 52% of investments. Mr. Buffett invests in all three companies which value billions of dollars.

Mr. Warren Buffett investments in Berkshire has him with 29 billion dollars in 2017. Mr. Buffett left General Electrical Capital and no longer own by Berkshire. The Berkshire’s Hathaway is worth now 488 billion dollars. You can have stocks go down or go up, but mainly stocks can fall down easily. You will have to invest in different stocks and companies to gain money. Mr. Buffett advice is to be prepared for a stock market crash before it starts.

When buying stocks the price is very expensive and many people can not afford them. Mr. Buffett is giving the country great advice about the stock market crash and what we need to do when it happens. The stock market is important to businesses around the globe. This gives the companies revenue to buy more products and money capital for them to gain. Buffett Warren Stocks 2017 advice is great and the world needs to understand that we need to be prepared for anything in the stock market.

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