Warren Buffett Stocks 2014

Warren Buffett has done very well for himself and has made a lot with his stocks. Many wonder how he got started and what stocks he is working with now.

When he started out, he was just a young man working with his own money and creating his own way. He bought some candy machines and put them in local areas to make money for everything. He filed taxes when he was just thirteen years old. He really started his business before he was a grown adult. He used everything that made his life seem like it was hard to motivate himself to get where he needed to go.

One of the great things about Warren Buffett is that he gives as much as he makes, so he is not just helping himself, but others that need it. He also invests in businesses that are on the edge of making big things happen. He helped get the IUD to market because he wanted to help people and he knew it was a good investment.

Charity Challenge
He also has challenged others to give as much as he has. He has helped others give some of their wealth as well as he has to help others. This has made a huge impact on people and himself. He really is a great person that cares about others and works to make sure everyone gets what they need.

When you think of what stocks Warren Buffett has invested in, try to also think about all the good he has done. This is really what he should be remembered for. He has helped so many people to survive and to see success like he has. He should be remembered for that as much as the businesses he works with and the money he has.

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