Warren Buffett Stock Recommendations

Warren Buffett’s stock recommendations vary from many different industries but they all hold the same results in the end. No matter if the industry is in the up or downturn; if Warren Buffett owns the majority of the stock in that company he will make sure that the company turns around for the better of the stockholders.

With being a big contender in business he is sought out for his stock recommendations and what he feels is the next best business or industry to go into as far as investing. Some of his go-to investment industries are insurance, banking, pharmaceuticals, and technology. With his biggest being in apple which he owns 75 million stocks; this industry leader has had his fair share of ups and downs. One thing he holds true is that if he has a feeling and a connection with a company he knows those are the go-to industries for him and they will be great investments to hold on for the long term.

Even with the up-and-down struggles with Wells Fargo and him having $29 billion of the Wells Fargo stock. He is sticking by the embroiled company who has had a few years of troubles that have loomed over the company. Dealing with and unauthorized account scandal and billions of dollars in fines for mortgage and auto loan violations he still sees the brighter side of things and is sticking by one of his biggest stocks.

No matter if he’s up or down with his stocks he knows that one thing is for sure that with him being over majority owner in those companies for; stocks that they will always bounce back because of the integrity that he holds. Knowing that he has a duty to make things right in those organizations for the stockholders.

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