Warren Buffett Stock Picks 2017

Warren Buffett is a successful businessman and being able to make correct investment decisions played a major role in his success. He is a great fund manager as well as a philanthropist. In 2017, he invested in Bank of America (BAC), Apple (AAPL),
Synchrony Financial (SYF), General Motors (GM), Southwest Airlines (LUV), Monsanto (MON), and Bank of New York Mellon (BK).
1. Bank of America (BAC)- Warren Buffet is the largest shareholder of Bank of America. It is the fifth largest position in the fund. He is thinking of holding it for a very long time. He is extremely positive about Chief Executive Officer Brian Moynihan and he believes that Brian has been doing great work.
2. Apple (AAPL)- Warren Buffet started investing in Apple in 2016. Around 134 million shares of Apple are in the fund with the total value of $20.6 billion. In the third quarter, he added 3.9 million shares. Apple is third largest holding in the fund.
3. Synchrony Financial (SYF)- He has recently started investing in Synchrony Financial. It is a private-label credit card company. The fund holds 20.8 million shares. The total value is more than $645 million.
4. General Motors (GM)- It is a top dividend stock. The fund holds 60 million GM shares with a value of $2.4 billion.
5. Southwest Airlines (LUV)- Warren Buffett started investing in airline business after the consolidation of the industry. Southwest Airlines is based in Texas. The fund holds shares worth $2.7 billion.
6. Monsanto (MON)- It is a supplier of farm pesticides and seeds. The fund holds more than 8.8 million shares. The total value of shares is more than $1 billion.
7. Bank of New York Mellon (BK)- It is a diversified financial services company. Warren Buffet has more than 52 percent position in this company. The fund holds 50 million shares with a value of more than 2.6 billion.
Discussion- Warren Buffett likes to invest in good companies for a long term. He also likes to see intrinsic value in the company, work being done by the company leaders and future growth opportunities for the company. He doesn’t make decisions based on short-term goals. His sound business and investing decisions have helped him in becoming a trustworthy name in the financial industry.

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