Warren Buffett Stage 1 Prostate Cancer

Warren Buffett is known because of the person that he is. He is known because of the money that he has made and the way that he has made it. He is also known because of the way that people have been working beside him in ways that people cannot think of. Working hard is something that he did and it helped him become the best there is.

Sadly at the age of 81, Warren Buffett has some not so good news to announce to the company that he owns. He went in to get a normal checkup and there was something that appeared to be off with him. Warren Buffett has been diagnosed with Stage one prostate cancer. He told his company that this is in no way life-threatening and that he will continue to work alongside them.

Buffett has begun the treatment to fight off this horrible thing that is happening to him and has somehow found to have a good passion when it comes to the way that things have turned out. The doctors that have worked with him have found that his cancer cells are very fast growing which is something that could become bad very fast. This also worries him because of the things that he has going on with the work that he does.

Something to keep in mind when it comes to this man is that when things go wrong he finds a way to make them seem better than what they are. Working is something that takes his mind off of the things that are going wrong but could also make it where he is under more stress than possible. Working with the company that he owns makes it where he can do the things that he wants to do.

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