Warren Buffett Speaks to MBA Students

There’s more to just earning an MBA to meet your aspirations is what Warren Buffet means to convey to the MBA students at the University of Florida School of Business in 1998. This is my interpretation of the Warren Buffett MBA talk given.

In case¬†you don’t know who Warren Buffet, is he is an extremely successful and wealthy American businessman. He I also a huge fan of philanthropy as he pledges to give 99% of his fortune to philanthropic needs. He has been so successful as he believes in being ethical first and successful second which is where his speech leads.

Mr. Buffet stressed that all the MBA students already have intelligence and energy or they would not be there. He then asks them if they could buy 10% of one of their classmates lifetime earnings who they would choose. Would it be one of the most popular best-looking leadership highest IQ or athletic person? Then choose someone that you don’t care for. Generally, people would pick the person with integrity leadership and honesty than on the other side those who are greedy or egotistical.

He stresses that you can have either side of the possibilities but should stress for the more honorable attributes as this will enable more success. You can have the bad attributes anytime but it would be wiser to get rid of these attributes. He says to invest in yourself meaning to look deep within yourself as you already own 100% of you to be that great success so invest in yourself. he suggests writing down what attributes you believe to be the successful person and stick with it.

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