Warren Buffett Speaks About America’s Political Divide

Whether or not you support President Donald Trump and his new administration, no one can deny that the last year has been rough for America. The political divide between those who support the new administration and those who do not is now wider than ever and, if recent days are any indication, shows absolutely no signs of closing.

Recently, Yahoo Finance sat down with the great Warren Buffett to talk a little about the political situation. Buffett, a staunch supporter of Hillary in the 2016 election, has always been bullish on America. In fact, according to Buffett, while the recent political divide is deep, his bullish and overall positive attitude on the future of America hasn’t changed.

“America is America,” he said in the interview. “I’ve always said that I felt the same way.”

Although political tensions are high, Buffett said that he was unconcerned because he believed that America could move past it, just as it had many times before.

“We’ve had a civil war in this country we got over. So this country can get over a lot. [In] the ’60s and early ’70s… the divisions were very, very sharp then,” Buffett said. “So we’ve had plenty of times in this country where the feelings have been intense. But it’s never stopped the country. The economy grows. We have these hiccups from time to time. That’s part of a market system.”

He did go on to talk about the inequality of wealth, however, and stated that there are some things that we, as a country, still need to work on. Regardless, it seems like Buffett is still not changing his bet on America.

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