Warren Buffett Singing

On YouTube, you’ll find many videos of Warren Buffett singing and enjoying the gifts of song. For decades Warren Buffett his shared his joy of singing with many that he encountered. Even though he’s not a professional singer he still enjoys the genre and any opportunity he gets he shares his love for it.

For the longest Warren Buffett shared a joy for singing, having many opportunities where he has sung with celebrities and having performed in front of them. No, he is not the best singer or claims to be, he still loves what music makes him feel like. Enjoying singing the Sounds of Frank Sinatra and Stevie Wonder, he tries to find a way to express his feelings in singing.

Having an enjoyment of singing just like he has in numbers and investing. It does something for him that is soothing and relaxing and entertainment for the 87-year-old. Everyone that he knows, knows that he loves singing and that at anytime that he has the opportunity he will take it and not shy away from the public to sing.

Singing is a very common thing for Warren with it and gives him a sense of reality that sometimes can be walking down from the business world. Having fun with singing just as much as he has fun with numbers it’s something that makes him feel good inside and he continuously explores. Showcasing his skills with celebrities or in meetings, he doesn’t care if it’s the popular thing to do, it remains for him.

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