Warren Buffett Short Biography

In this short Warren Buffett Biography, you will get an understanding of how youth can affect the way we see things and react to life. Not being different than other children his age, Warren Buffett’s youth gave him circumstances in life that left a lasting impression on him as he matured into a man.

He grew up in a household where his father had his own small investment brokerage and his mom was a homemaker who was excellent at estimations and math. She was so great at figuring that she could show improvement over any number cruncher. At 12 years old, his dad chose to take a career turn and run for Congress and move to Washington, DC. The move disturbed Warren and he didn’t care for the choice since it caused an indelibly change that he didn’t see coming. Having a love for Omaha, Nebraska, where he didn’t want to move from.

In his new home in Washington, DC, Warren and a few of his friends ran away from home but was quickly apprehended by cops that found him and was returned home. Even though he found difficulties at school and at home, his dad found a confidence in him. He believed that his child would soar to be great in his life. Warren goes back in time and says that growing up with the type of father that he had; was the best gift that he could ever have.

Warren Buffett’s youth influenced the way he saw things early on in life. Not being unique in relation to other kids his age, Warren Buffett’s childhood gave him conditions in life that left an enduring impact on him as he developed into adulthood.

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