Warren Buffett Scholarship Requirements

The Susan and Warren Buffett Scholarship was created to help students who are interested in attending college who need financial assistance. The Buffett scholarship has been helping college students meet their goals for years now. The year, the Buffett Scholarship will begin accepting applications November 1 of 2018. To ensure that you are eligible to apply for this scholarship, the application requirements will be listed below.

To apply, all students must be a resident of Nebraska and a first-time freshman in college at the time of the application. In addition, applicants must also have graduated from a high school in Nebraska or have obtained a GED in Nebraska. Applicants must have earned at least a 2.5 GPA on a 3.0 scale and must have at least two letters of recommendations submitted with their application. Even though this scholarship is for students who demonstrate financial need, students do not have to qualify for a Pell Grant to receive this scholarship. Students will be selected for the scholarship based on financial need, strong personal essays, the strength of recommendations, and academic merits.

Students will be notified that they’re approved for the scholarship by email on May 1, at the latest. If approved for the Warren Scholarship, students can use the scholarship at all community colleges in Nebraska. Students will also be able to use the scholarship at all Nebraska state colleges. Moreover, students will also be able to use the scholarship at the University of Nebraska.

If you met the criteria to apply to the Buffett Scholarship, then you are strongly encouraged to apply. The Buffett Scholarship covers various amounts of tuition cost based on enrollment and the tuition cost. This scholarship has a great chance of saving you and your family tons of money. The application window for the scholarship will be opening soon!

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