Warren Buffett Residence

If you think that Warren Buffett lives in a big home, you might want to think again. He isn’t a person that looks at things and thinks about how much he can get. He tries to give a lot more than he buys.

His Home
Warren Buffett doesn’t have a home you would expect for someone that has the amount of money he does. He has a small home really that works for him and the people he loves. He is a humble, down to earth person that doesn’t look at how he can get more than he needs. He only gets what he needs in his housing as well as his items.

He Gives
Warren Buffett gives a lot of what he makes because he feels like he should be helping people to get to where he is as much as he can. He also wants to help those that can’t help themselves at the moment. That way he can feel as though he is doing something for others. He gives to Charities and he creates opportunities for others that may not have had them.

There are a lot of things that he thinks about and his home and his things are not one of them. While he might live comfortably, he doesn’t do things that will get him more. He knows that he can do what he wants, but he feels like he has enough. If more people would think like this, then there would be more people helping each other. This would help not just them, but the people they are pledging to help as well.

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