Warren Buffett Religious Beliefs

The billionaire Warren Buffett goes to the beat of his own drum and doesn’t follow the rules with popular beliefs or ways of life. He believes that also for the opinions on religion as well. Subscribing to his own way of thought in what he has for his philosophies it roots everything in his life.

As a child in his family, he grew up in a faith-based religious member. Believing in the ways of God over everything and that’s who you should answer to in life. As he grew up he started forming his own ideas. He wasn’t sure that he could actually subscribe to those feelings and thoughts. He needed more of a concrete way of thinking. He wanted actual evidence on what he should believe and not believe.

That’s when he started to go his own way and became an Agnostic. Someone who doesn’t have a particular belief in a higher power. Not for or against it just not having a higher power to believe in. The agnostic belief has given him structure in a way that suits his lifestyle his belief system. Not having faith in things happening in life but having actual facts to prove that things should happen. Not happening off of chance but off of your own self-doing.

Warren Buffett is a billionaire that has given too many in the world to help poverty and discrimination. On the lines of supplying monetary tributes to foundations and charities that need help. Being an agnostic that’s what he puts his beliefs in as far as religious beliefs. A person is structured on the needs of a common thread of needing proven facts on life.

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