Warren Buffett Religion

Warren Buffett has made it clear that he does not have a religion, that he doesn’t believe that there is a God because he hasn’t found any evidence of it being an actual fact. His beliefs are of his own path in life because of some things he has experienced.

He has a belief system that there is nothing of relevance to be proven of the existence of God or any type of phenomenal that claims beliefs of faith of God nor disbelief in God. He stands on the belief of being an agnostic, which is different than those who are atheist who doesn’t believe in God at all without a shadow of a doubt.

Agnostics don’t have proof that God does exist nor any evidence that he doesn’t exist. As a child, he grew up in a faith-based religious family. As he became an adult he changed his beliefs and doesn’t pass judgment on others for their own beliefs.

Believing that there has to be scientific proof for certain phenomenon in the universe and if there is no conclusion to those then he doesn’t make the assumption of it being fact or fiction. This world-renowned billionaire is a lover of people and believes that people can make their own way in life by hard work and determination.

Warren Buffett is a billionaire but has made his own way in life by building a substantial amount of wealth and as a belief system that has to have proven facts behind anything that is of relevance. Driven by rational and evidence-based views in business and in life.

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