Warren Buffett Quote

I find it very impressive that Warren Buffett took some time out of his day to wrote good quotes. I find that I can relate to one of his quote mentioning that people only have to do a few things right in our lives as long as we don’t do too much wrong. And I feel like that is a very good goal for anyone because people should always try and do their best to give their best effort in life, reward and congratulate themselves as well as others by giving credit where it is due and also keep in mind that the more positivity is being passed along in this world, the more good Karma will come back your way. And that I feel is a wonderful thing. Another quote that I find very easy for me to relate to is where he mentions the fact that what we learn from history is that people don’t learn from history. I can understand why he would say that. I feel that he chose to say that because there are a lot of people throughout history that have not learned from their shortcomings and mistakes in life and because of the fact that people from many generations ago until even this current century have not been using very good problem-solving skills to figure out how history will not have to negatively repeat it’s self over and over again. And it seems like from what I’ve noticed it’s easier for people to just stick to what they know and do that and hope in their minds that things will turn out differently for the better, even when that stands a slim to none chance of it going the way they planned.

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