Warren Buffett Qualifications

Warren Buffet was born a business enthusiast. After his high school, he didn’t want to join a college. With love for business, when he was 13 years old, Warren was running his own business as a paperboy. With delivering these newspapers, he was making more than $5000 then. His father understanding the dynamics of life pleaded with him to attend the college of business.

Warren was admitted to University of Pennsylvania and joined Wharton School to study business, at the age of 16. Mr. Buffett studied for two years at the University of Nebraska after studying for two years in Wharton School, complaining that the school was not of his standard. He finished his degree from Nebraska with a bachelor’s degree in business administration at the age of 19.

The Oracle of Omaha had a passion for studies and wanted to further his studies. He joined Columbia University after his application at Harvard was rejected. Warren successfully managed to finish his masters of science in economics from the university in 1951. At Columbia University he was lucky to interact with Benjamin Graham, the mentor in his lifetime in business.

To further on his experiences after getting the two degrees, he worked as a salesman in Buffet-Falk and Company for three years. He later worked for his Mentor Benjamin Graham as a securities analyst for two years and became a partner under Buffet Partnership limited. He then bought shares in Berkshire Hathaway and 1970 he was the chairman and CEO of Berkshire, where still runs the business to date.

Although he managed to attend school for his degree, Warren advice degree is not for all, but the experience will be valuable as well. His business spirit begun at a tender age, when he could buy goods and sell them door to door to make a profit. Mr. Buffett encourages people to follow their hearts by d what they love, and it will be of high reward.

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