Warren Buffett: Private Jet

Due to his busy schedule during his day that mostly comes from the business activities that he is much involved that he decides to use a private jet as the fastest mode of travel to his destinations. The investor has got a new private jet that has good comfort in it and helps him save more of his time going around the world for functions. The name of the plane is registered as the Citation Latitude which has a total of seven seats and has the highest speed ever which is about 495 mph. This jets also help him in carrying out his family and can travel from London to Los Angela’s within a short period.
In his career as the business investor he has been so passionate when it comes to matters to do with the private jet, and for this reason, the tycoon even decides to buy one company that use to sell the aircraft in the year 1998. He has more planes which at some time he hires and also invites people to buy shares at this company.
He mostly charges for those traveling for more than 25 hours at a perfect price that could be imagined. He also sells the jets at about $65 million which when you pay the planes becomes yours and provided with all documents that could be needed.
The other main reason that made Buffett have his private jet is that when he has to go functions to many places, he doesn’t need to go from one airport to another mainly to get another flight to reach his destination.
The advantage of it is that it can travel you from the smaller town to even a more prominent city with much inconveniences that you’re likely to experience with other flights. For those who are business class travelers like Buffet can bypass.

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