Warren Buffett Predictions

There is a different type of predictions, but Warren Buffett predictions are based on his knowledge about the stock market, business economy and much more. Furthermore, he is a billionaire and a philanthropist who knows in advance when to buy and when to sell.

Therefore, you can believe some of his predictions but sometimes was not completely right. He missed the opportunity to invest in Amazon and Google when both companies begin to grow, he said it was a mistake on his part.

Afterward, he predicted that the future of bitcoin is uncertain and probably will come to an end. He also bet on Bank of America when they were struggling and he made a big profit from a 5 billion investment to 12 million.

Then, he said that the Airline Industry was not a good investment, but he bought shares in US Airways that later dropped in value, he said that the investment was a failure. But, after all, he keeps investing in the Airlines Industry.

In fact, his predictions are based on common sense, in reality, he is a smart man that has grown his net worth from hundreds to billions. Therefore, he understands the simplicity of everything and that is, the relationship between gross domestic products and the country’s economic activity.

Even though he was in favor of Hillary Clinton, he said that America works and that it will work under Hillary Clinton but also under Donald Trump. He is in favor of the tech sector and he believes it has a strong future.

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