Warren Buffett Predictions 2017

Warren Buffett has been in the investment game and has seen a lot of things over his fifty year career, from the original great recession to the most recent downturn of 2007. Warren Buffett has made many predictions when it comes to the markets, and generally they have all come true. His keen knowledge of the markets and the stock market volatility in general is key to being able to invest grow your money no matter what the risk factors are. Warren Buffett has made quite a prediction for 2017, and it is regards to the sudden explosion of cryptocurrencies. With the rise of bit coin and other on line currencies Warren Buffett is predicting a crash in the near future, he isn’t sure when it how but he says that the new found currencies are going to crash.

Warren Buffett has not expressed any interest in investing in these new currencies, often admitting that he wouldn’t invest in something that he really doesn’t understand. Buffett is quoted as saying that his company will never have a position in the Bit Coin market, not even a short position. His partner Charlie Munger also blasted the cryptocurrency markets for the rash inflation and the venture capitalists that seem to be artificially pumping these currencies up. Warren Buffett says that there is noting good that is going to come from the rise in Bit Coin, and that he will never see himself or Berkshire Hathaway investing in these currencies at any point.

He said that he isn’t sure when the crash is going to happen but it is imminent, and this could be a bubble that is very similar to the dot com boom of the early 2000s. Only time will tell if Warren Buffett’s prediction serves true, but in the long run his past predictions have all panned out.

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