Warren Buffett Prediction Goals

The Infamous final four is going to be a little more interesting in recent years Warren Buffet has began to offer a million dollars for life every year deal with the outcome of this ever-changing game the brackets include teams from all over the United States from each and every region every team acquires new players each year trades players and rounds their current players to get better these regular unpredictable. These are some of the reasons that Warren Buffett offers a million dollars per year for life policy for anyone who can even gets close to the outcome even if you did not give down to the T on this if you can get a sweet 16 you’ll be eligible to win the deal the final fours and final stages March Madness which is the term of the Warren Buffett bases the deal off of guest good in the last year’s Quicken Loans once offered a 1 billion dollar feat to those who could this deal is available to all Berkshire Hathaway employees Berkshire Hathaway employees 26 people at the headquarters but has subsidiaries such as Geico as well as Orange Julius all of these employees will be eligible to win the million dollars per year live deal or instead employee random will be chosen to receive a sum of $100,000 to regardless of participation and the March Madness Tournament this tournament is so complex that no one will be able to just guess off the back of their head with me and it will take the expert in statistics and sheer luck to even get to the sweet 16 Which is far from the final four of the tournament which if you can predict all the way to I’m sure Warren Buffett will look at you differently and it is genius.

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