Warren Buffett Positions

Warren Buffett Positions are one of the most prestigious ones any other personality has held. Mr. Warren Buffett is a hard worker he is diligent and committed to his work. His many sacrifices and dedication have made him the man he is today. Mr. Buffett is a businessman as well as an investor and his excellent understanding of the stock market has allowed him to accumulate a great fortune. He holds positions in companies that he buys at good prices and never resells them.

Warren Buffett Positions include; top five companies that command great business in the world today. Mr. Buffett owns shares worth $27.97 billion at Apple making this his biggest investment this year. He says that this company is fast growing and he would invest all his money in Apple because they deliver quality services to its clientele. His 2nd position is at Wells Fargo he began purchasing shares in this company in 1989 they are now worth $27.8 billion.

Warren Buffett Positions extend to the Kraft Heinz Company before the two companies (Heinz and Kraft Food) merged he owned shares at Heinz. He currently owns shares in the new company valued at $25.3 billion. Mr. Warren has his fourth position in the banking business. He owns shares worth $20 billion at the Bank of America. This shares alongside those at Wells Fargo cannot go unmentioned in financial platforms.

The fifth position is in the beverage industry. He once said that he consumes about 5 cans of Coca-Cola a day. He began buying shares in the Coca-Cola Company in 1980 and has accumulated a total of $18.3 worth of the same. He is delighted at the company’s ability to remain original over time.

Mr. Warren’s positions place him in one of the most successful places any businessman would want to reach. He has embraced investment and in turn has been able to accumulate so much wealth. He is definitely one of the personalities business persons should look up to. His success story is truly an interesting one.

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