Warren Buffett Portrait

The third most abundant tycoon has been very successful in all the activities that he carries out. To many investors, he has been living an exciting lifestyle as an investor. One that Buffett admit is that his life as a business person and a king of investment has been beyond his dream.
He congratulates his parents for giving him the best education he could ever think of and good health care that he was brought up in. One thing that he also confesses is that all those years in the investment field it has been a charmed life because he is being attributed to having been born with a business gene. At the University of Colombia is where his skill of business was being natured because he graduated with a master in financial economics.

The people he associated with Buffett are the one who was his role model because they did whatever they could to ensure that Buffett could master the art of business this is what made him improve his skills in the career of the industry. Graham, a good friend Of Buffett, encouraged him together they had to go to their hometown Omaha where they could do some business.

The money that had been contributed by his friends and neighbors boosted them to some extent that they would now start their financial investment. Buffett was much lucky because the first company he got within a few periods of years it had become a Berkshire partnership.
The time he had invested in business enabled him to be named as the president and the chairman of the Berkshire Hathaway Company. As the time went by Buffett increased his spent by buying more shares from other multimillion companies, for instance, the coca cola company. Buffett, apart from business and investment career he is also well known for his contribution to charity work.

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