Warren Buffett Portfolio 2016

Warren Buffet has worked hard to maintain a good sound portfolio and as such has done what he needed to in an effort to make sure that his value does not drop any more than it has to. One of the biggest things that he has built the powerful portfolio on over the years has been investing in a large amount of smaller companies that he has used to build from the ground up an empire. Often times when there is a discussion revolving around money, Warren Buffet is the man that many people turn to in hopes that he will be able to give them the advice that they are seeking out and help them to make a wise investment decision from time to time.

Dairy Queen and Burger King and their respective companies are a good part of what has helped to build the portfolio of Warren Buffet up and put him in such a place of great wisdom and significance. Even the person that knows nothing about finances and investing can learn tons from Warren Buffet as he has made a career out of doing the things that many would consider risky and buy a company that they felt was a waste of time and money.

in 2018 the investment guru will make a decision that will skyrocket him to the #2 position as many people feel that he is going to make a huge purchase of a big company and that move alone will be the thing that sends him well into the place of second. The following year will be a fun one to watch to see if he is going to do what many experts think he will and go to the top of the investment world and for the first time ever take over the #1 spot all for him.

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