Warren Buffett Plane Useage

In the times of technology and everyone expecting to move so quickly between destinations, a multitude of people, who have the option, will choose to purchase a personal private jet. That list would include even notably frugal names like billionaire Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, who chose to spend the money to gain convenience for his travels. As a kingpin investor who has proven his knowledge for intelligent investment opportunities, Warren Buffet acquired his personal jet over two decades ago, after publicly critiquing large airline corporations for their outlandish splurging on private jets. Buffet purchased himself a Bombardier Challenger and conveniently labeled it The Indefensible. Shortly after the acquisition of his private jet, Warren Buffet bought a jet operator company called NetJets.

Since his takeover in 1998, NetJets began offering one-of-a-kind services, including a joint ownership option for private jets. With this purchase plan, multiples of interested buyers pay a fractional amount of the cost of a private plane. These planes are made accessible to all the owner’s on an as-needed basis. The owners are guaranteed a readied plane for their travels, even if the plane they fly on is not the one that they are actually paying on. The travelers are also guaranteed to receive a plane that is just as good, and in most cases even better, than the one they currently pay for. This new business plan has given travelers the freedom of using a private jet for their matters, but saved the jet from just sitting inside a hangar and losing value.

With a rise in interest for new ways to acquire a private jet, investment opportunities are all around. When Warren Buffet wanted to acquire a personal aircraft, he chose to also purchase an entire company, who went on to change the way that private jet ownership could happen.

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