Warren Buffett Philanthropy

With all of the money that he has earned in his career, Warren Buffet has decided to turn to philanthropy. It is a great for the people because of how it can benefit the future. Warren Buffet has much more money than he needs. So much so, in fact, he couldn’t go broke regardless of how much that he tried. He is deciding to donate over 30 billion dollars to charity. That is a noble thing to do because the future could really use that money. It’s proof that he cares about the future of America and it’s people.

He has offered the second highest amount of money to philanthropy. Second only to Bill Gates who is giving away only five billion more dollars. Warren Buffet wants his money to go to healthcare. As much as medical technology has evolved in the past century it is still not perfect. Having billions of more in funding will allow some great inventions to be made. He also wants to do some investment in AIDS prevention. AIDS can be a really big problem in countries that don’t make as much money. Those countries have a lot of rebuilding to do but health should be a priority.

He also believes in education. Not all education systems are created equally. There is a lot that can be a foundation thanks to education. Everyone deserves the chance to be able to have a foundation for the future. But not everybody is going to get that chance. That is why he believes in that system. He also wants to fund for sanitation as well as other health-related topics. Because things in other countries are so cheap sanitation isn’t taken as seriously. That is a serious topic that other people have to take to highest extend and manage.

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