Warren Buffett Personal Life

Warren Buffett has had an extraordinary personal life that has made headlines for this charismatic businessman. Having a remarkable life that has given him a circumstance that has made his personal life different than most in the traditional sense.

Warren Buffett married his first wife Susie in his early twenties. He never had great luck with women until he met Susie. After they met, they were inseparable and spent a life together with three children and raised them together. Warren Buffett on his off time would spend many hours reading and being solitude in his room not interacting with the family. This would sometimes put a damper on his family life but they just came to understand that, that was just Warren.

When Warren was away on business and investing, Susie found a joy in human and civil rights. Susie began becoming active in helping with civil rights causes and began to be very involved in it. Her love for activism grew to where it influences Warren, but it made her long to do it more. In the 1970s, she left on Nebraska for San Francisco and continued her efforts there. She knew that this was a heavy blow to her husband and she had a friend of hers bring him food and give him company to help him through the process. Not leaving her husband but to help causes of the world that she felt needed her involvement. Her friend Astrid grew into a romance with her husband Warren and the relationship blossomed from 1978 until present day 2018 into a marriage.

Warren Buffett has had a personal life that is not necessarily common, but for him, it is an ordinary life. That has seemed to work for him and his family around him.

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