Warren Buffett Performance

One of the reports tried to do research and able to analyses how Warren Buffett has been performing very well in the market field. The study has analyzed how since he started involving himself in the investment and business field since 60 years ago. The time that Berkshire Hathaway Company has performed out poorly in the market are a very few times since 2000, and in fact, there is less than four time to be specific.

For this reason, the Berkshire was voted as the third best and most influential companies in the world. The good thing about this firm is that during the time of crisis the company has remained very strong making it better than other firms. The best thing that has led out to this excellent performances is that they tend to focus on the long-term investment that is the primary making profit investment that the company gains from hence performing so well in this field.

The annual letter that Buffett released out show how the company had performed when the shareholders tried to compare it with the S &P 500 since the year 1965 when Buffett took control of the Berkshire Hathaway Company as the president and the chairman of the firm.

In the year 1980 to the year, 1990 is remembered to be one of the best moment that the company performed so well in this industry and at this time they were able together with his team laid an excellent foundation when trying to compare themselves with the S&P 500 performances.
For the last 50 years they have been performing so well, and when they try to compare themselves and how they are hoping to be for the next upcoming 50 years they aim at increasing their performances with more than 30 %, and this will place at a better place compared to other firms.

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