Warren Buffett owes taxes?

Warren Buffet has been known to those who work with him because of the amazing ideas and experience that he has. Starting at the age of 13 Warren knew that he was going to be something great and really worked to get there he did his own taxes at the age of 13 which is pretty young.

When he was younger he was always on top of filing taxes but as he became older this is something that more than slipped his mind. He is known to be one of the greatest tax avoiders of all time and this is something that makes people crazy about. Thinking why would a person like him avoid taxes? Well, it’s like this. If you avoid paying your taxes then there is more money for the long run something that everybody who has filed should know.

With him and his company, owing taxes that date all the way back to 2004 through 2009 makes people wonder why he said that his friends who have the money along with him would be okay with paying higher taxes to help out those who needed the help when it comes to money or living. Well, most say that he avoided it because he wanted to help out the president more than which happened to be Barack Obama and the election that he was going through to make it where he would do another year.

Overall, the company that Buffett owns should be clearing their name with the IRS in the next few months and then they should be caught up. This, however, won’t make it where they can fly under the radar anymore as the IRS will be keeping a close eye on them making sure that they are following the rules just like everybody else who files.

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