Warren Buffett On People Who Were Born Rich

Warren Buffett has very specific opinions of people who are born rich because he knows that they do not value hard work like other people. It is difficult to see someone who was born rich working hard at something because they have never had to really try before. His opinions on people like this are very strong because he had to work for all the things that he got.

Warren Buffett believes that people who fall into money do not know how to work hard because there was never any reason for them to do so. These people had every chance to slack off and they usually do that. They could not have built a billion-dollar empire like he has from just a few hundred dollars. They would not do the work that is required because they think that someone else should.

The purpose of the Warren Buffett opinion on these things is to convince people to keep working hard because they never know how far they might get. It is better for people o put in the work now because that helps them save themselves the heartbreak of a dead-end future.

Warren Buffett does not want people who were born rich to be idolized because he knows that they are bad examples. This is no more evident than in how a President was chosen in America.

Warren Buffett wants all kids to have good role models and he hopes that those kids are given a chance to learn from someone who believes in hard work. The kids who start working hard now could outwork their rich comrades.

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