Warren Buffett on Investing Smart

The companies Warren Buffett owns are vast as no two are the same for example he owns Dairy Queen a world-renowned ice cream shop sending snakes teeth and now lunch but also owns GEICO a major insurance provider in the United States Warren Buffett has spread his money all over the place in his 50-year career that owns several businesses at the moment and gives millions of dollars to charity every year Warren Buffett’s giving his only matched by his children who give just as much and have also started their own foundations, as well as their own philanthropy, records all over the world the company is well as its subsidiaries gives very generously to employees as well as charities around the world.

Housing groups, jewelry groups as well as its own Energy company Berkshire Hathaway has many subsidiaries and generates billions of dollars a year this is one reason why Warren Buffett himself is a billionaire the simple Omaha Nebraska native chooses to stay time will raise then still living in the city of Omaha in the house he bought in the 20th century after his days in high school everyone predicted Warren Buffett would travel this far in his career as he was a statistical genius and high school everyone predicted he would be a stock market he has grown to disappointment no one with this being exactly what he does and what he is great at launching these companies is his strong point andcompanies return a profit tenfold to him Warren Buffett is a genius investor and this is not only shown in his portfolio today but his work over the course of the 50 years career every year since high school Warren Buffett has steadily increased his Revenue only with Investments.

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