Warren Buffett on Golden Garbage

Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffett has stated that he does not own any gold this comes the shark is many billionaires in the world shoes to own gold because this is held the world’s currency is translated. But Warren Buffett has never really been all that into money being the third richest man in the world does not mean that he is a money-hungry man it simply means he knows how to make money work for him in today’s economy as well as in the world. This is because Warren Buffett believes in tangible assets meaning gold is worthless to him because it has no resale value yet. He made his money by buying things low and selling them for a higher price. This is essentially the whole process of stock marketing sitting in waiting for your money to make money for you and Warren Buffet has become an expert in that fashion. As time goes on Warren Buffett will require more money with the assets has already that are actually helping people search Dairy Queen and Geico he doesn’t want the money to just come off of things has he wants people to seek his services as well as help people every step of the way. Warren Buffett gives every employee at every subsidiary he owns the chance to win $100,000 every year this is just one way he gives back he needs no goal to do it but he does have a heart made of gold given to each and every charity he can anytime he can the 77 million dollars Berkshire Hathaway is worth has already been diminished to 45 million simply because Warren Buffett give so much of his fortune away to greater causes if he does not let material positions Cloud his judgement or run in his life.

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