Warren Buffett On College

With all the media attention, a lot of business students wonder, where did Warren Buffet go to college? In the beginning of his career, Buffet hated school. He wanted to learn while he had his business up and running. It wasn’t until he took the advice of other business owners that he decided to attend college.

Buffett entered college in 1947, and he loved to learn the business at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. From there, he decides that he wanted to work another degree. That’s when Buffett attended the Unversity of Nebraska. He majored in business an economics and enjoyed everything. Apparently, he went on to teach some of those that were struggling in areas of business.

Warren Buffett enjoyed college, but he was ready to apply what he learned. Buffett started his company and eventually was able to invest in textiles. The industry was growing and so was his money. By the 80s, Warren Buffett had saved a lot of money. He kept the faith and never listened to anyone that told him to give up on his beliefs. With Buffett working as hard as he could, the only missing component was Buffett teaching his son.

Warren Buffett was shocked to use his teachings later on in his career. Everywhere that Buffett went to, he was promoted and given great recommendations. It didn’t take Warren long to learn to wait on some sales at the stock exchange.

Warren Buffett attended college in Nebraska and Pennsylvania. Majoring in business, it changed his career path to one that was paved in gold for him. All that he wanted to do in his life was be successful. By not giving up, Warren Buffett made the Forbes listing and became more compassionate with helping others.

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