Warren Buffett On CNBC

A few weeks ago, the media highlight was Warren Buffett on CNBC. This was a live telecast, which was held because Warren wanted to explain several points to the America people. These points had to do with finances and more.

Warren Buffett’s first point on CNBC was about taxes and what changes should be made in order to set America in the right direction. Warren talked about how there are certain areas where taxes could be lowered, especially when it comes to the America middle-class, and he gave examples of areas where taxes could be raised without causing a major disruption to the economy.

Warren’s second point had to do with investments. According to Warren Buffett, Apple and Wells Fargo are the best organizations to invest in at this time. Warren talked about his investments in both Apple and Wells Fargo and how they are bringing back a major profit in a short amount of time.

Warren further discussed his involvement in the world of healthcare. His company Berkshire, coupled with Amazon, is now selling health insurance to the American people. This health insurance is supposed to be extremely low, and it has been created for both families and singles. Warren described how people who purchase healthcare from his company keep the same care they currently have now, and this includes copayments, too. Warren explained it took him and his team years to make this possible.

Warren Buffett goes on television once or twice a year to speak to the American people. He wants the people in America to hear the truth about the financial market from a financial expert, and he enjoys addressing issues that media professionals would never talk about on live television. Ratings show that over 20 million people were tuned in to CNBC while Warren was giving his speech.

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