Warren Buffett on Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest the biggest companies in the world. People view corporations in a way that they are evil villains in a super villain movie. Though, this is often not the case. A company like Microsoft has made billions while changing the lives of people that are around them. They didn’t start their careers the traditional way, they have had college dropouts be some of the biggest entrepreneurs of all time. That can give people a lot of incentive when it comes to reaching their goals that people don’t believe in. There is so much potential to be discovered.

People have a way to see the best in people. People like Steve Balmer have done some great things for their consumer base. The Xbox 360 is infamous for the red ring of death. While many gamers wanted a console that was going to work, the Xbox 360 would have one of the worst failure rates of all time. That meant the Microsoft had to send customers new products that they can use. They lost billions of dollars doing this, but it was worth it in the end. Their reputation was more important than trying to make a quick buck off of consumers.

Warren Buffet has taken a look at how Jeff Bezos conducts business. Bezos has done business in a way that is beneficial for him and the consumer. Amazon Prime is a great thing that has really helped out the common consumer. If you like websites like Twitch, they own that property. It allows people with prime to have a extra subscription. That is beneficial for people who want to subscribe as well as people who free shipping. It also gives people great deals on the items that they want so badly.

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