Warren Buffett Omaha

Warren Buffett has always had a love for his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. He has always held this city dear to his heart and he always had a reluctance to move away from the city and state. This is where he calls home and is the headquarters of his Berkshire Hathaway company.

Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska he has found Nebraska to always be a welcoming city to not only just himself but to others who ever visit the city. He has a love for the city that is like no other and bought his first house here when he was first married.

At a young age, his family did decide to move to Washington, DC. to pursue his father’s pursuits of becoming a congressman. The move made a young Warren become rebellious and run away from home because of family dynamics being in disarray and his dislike of Washington DC.

When he graduated high school he knew that whenever he became an adult that he would always move back to the city that he lived in Omaha, Nebraska. After purchasing the family home that he still has until today and lives in, he raised all of his 3 children in the same household in the city and state.

Omaha is a place that Warren Buffett, holds close to his heart and is a place where his family grew up in. This is a place that is irreplaceable for him and is near and dear to him. He finds joy and tranquility in the city, and he has not found this anywhere else.

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